5 Year Childhood Story – Milestone Session | Moss & Mint Photography | Granite Bay, CA Photographer

“See the world as if for the first time; see it through the yes of a child, and you will suddenly find you are free.”  – Deepak Chopra


One of my favorite things about Childhood Stories sessions is that they are meant to truly capture the essence of a child at this particular stage in their life.  I get to watch, follow, and share in the magic as they explore their surroundings and do what children do best:  observe, make believe, and play!  When a child reaches a milestone, whether it’s rolling over or sitting for the first time, walking or losing their first tooth, or even graduation pre-school, it’s a wonderful reason to celebrate and capture memories of.  These moments are all-too fleeting.  When booking a session with me, parents can feel confident that I will take the time to capture their child at their most innocent and raw, and preserve their personalities at this age forever.


And my session with Morgana was amazing.  She absolutely loves nature and was more than happy to run around and find ladybugs, butterflies, and even a lizard.  To watch her excitement was so much fun, and this session yielded some of my favorite images–so much so that I have many favorites to share.  I know, I always say that, but I get so emotionally invested in my clients and their photos that it’s hard not to get so excited about sharing them.


  1. Samantha Bahan

    Oh my goodness Cheri! You never stop amazing me, these are beautiful! I love the detail in every picture. The flowers, water, rocks and that lighting! And of course the adorable little girl. Cannot wait for all of Ryder’s milestones with you! Next up first birthday pictures?

  2. Oh so cute!! What a cheeky little girl with so much personality. Which you captured so well. Beautiful photos too, I love the ones with her and the purple flowers. Magical.

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