Shoot & Share Contest 2018 Results | Moss & Mint Photography

Earlier this year I took part in a pretty big photo contest. Okay, fine. In the photography world, it’s a pretty HUGE contest. Photographers from all over the world get a chance to submit up to 50 of their own images into a pool and have them voted on anonymously by anyone who wishes to partake in the contest. I was made aware of it last year and I didn’t even consider entering. I heard others talking about it and saw results and it was pretty amazing. So when it came back around this year, I was a bit more confident in my work and figured I had nothing to lose.  I almost chickened out (not even sure why–maybe time, maybe confidence was dipping, enter almost-valid excuse “here”), but no joke, at 11pm on the very last hour of the last day of entries, I committed. I sat at my computer and scoured through my most favorite images and submitted 50 images–the max.  I was pretty excited.


Then the voting started. I had absolutely no idea how exciting it was going to be for me and for my photographer friends that had entered, and it sort of became an explosion of Shoot & Share Contest talk–in my groups, online, with friends; everywhere I went on social media people were talking about voting. In short, voting was completely addicting! And the quality of the images that were submitted was amazing! Like, at least every other photo I voted on, I said to myself, “That’s so much better than mine” and “There’s no way mine made it through the first round”. But it did. Something did. The cool thing about the contest is you had no idea how your photos were fairing in the contest. You would sometimes get “likes” on your photos and you’d know that something was still active in the contest, and it was a pretty awesome feeling. Mind blowing, because how were my images being voted as better than some others in the contest? People liked them! Other photographers that were scrutinizing and judging were liking my images!


Needless to say, it was an all-consuming couple of months while all the photos went through the various rounds of the contest. Every single time I realized that at least one of my photos had made it to the next round, I was in shock. I was hoping for one to make it past the first round…in total there were I think 12 rounds. When it was all done with,  39 of my 50 images placed in the TOP 30% or higher in the contest!! Four of my images were FINALISTS, 13 images were Top 10%, 11 in the Top 20%, and 10 images in the Top 30%. WOW!! I won’t lie, I might have cried. It’s one of things where you can believe in yourself but sometimes when you get just a little validation (or in this case, a lot) from others in this industry that have some mad skills, it’s pretty overwhelming. I am so grateful, so humbled, and so completely fired up for next year’s contest!


Here are the results of the contest, where a total of 413,065 images were submitted and voted on:





shoot and share contest winner top 30 winner

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