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Telling your family's story, authentically

It's like when you hear that song on the radio that brings you to tears. You don't just listen to it, you FEEL it. My photos aren't just meant to be seen. They are visual reminders of exactly who you are at this moment, that tell your story and evoke the emotions that you so long to hold onto forever. It's the reason why you choose this style of photography for your family.

I want every client who books me to know that my goal is to give you so much more than just pretty pictures. I truly believe in the power of this artform and I am here to give every client an experience that sparks a little fire inside of their heart and soul when they look back at their photos.

My style is about letting your story unfold in front of my lens and capturing the true essence of who you are in this moment. While I do some guiding and posing throughout your session, I am more focused on the way you interact together naturally and all of those in-between moments that are more important than just "smile at the camera" poses. Sessions with me are relaxed and fun, and we will spend the time playing, exploring, tickling, and snuggling. I will never leave you feeling awkward and unsure of what to do in the moment, and I promise that it will be free-flowing and effortless. The end result will be an honest and invaluable collection of images that truly represents your family and all that is unique and wonderful about you.

I believe that the story lives in the details. A single image can capture a family, but a collections of photos tells their story.

Do our styles match?

We may be a good fit IF...

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You want to remember the REAL moments, dirty hands and windblown hair in all.

You love honest and authentic, not trends, props, and backdrops.

You want a photographer that will guide and direct you, but allow you to move and have fun.

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An entire session of perfectly styled poses and everyone looking at the camera is NOT your idea of a good time.

Perfection is overrated and you embrace that your children don't sit still.

You love the candid, in-the-moment style that shows off who you really are as a family in a beautiful way.

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You want a personalized experience, not just the same routine of SMILE/POSE.

You appreciate your photographer getting to know you and customizing your session.

You'd love assistance with wardrobe styling and planning, and helping you through the entire process, even when finalizing your images and print order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lifestyle session?

To me, it's about encouraging a relaxed and free-flowing session where the focus is on capturing your connections and real emotions, not just pretty poses and smiles at the camera (don’t worry, I’ll get some of those, too). Each session is different, and I use the beauty of our surroundings as we move around to help tell your story. We have fun, play, and get some good snuggle moments and allow for real smiles, raw moments.

Do you choose the location?

All of my sessions are done on location, outdoors or in your home. I always have location suggestions and scout often to find new and beautiful spots. If you have a location in mind or an idea of one, I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, I will provide suggestions to you during our planning and we can choose what works best for you.

What if we don't know how to pose or what to do?

I promise you, you don't have to! All I ask is that you come to the session relaxed and ready to have fun and I will do the rest. I guide you throughout the entire session and use prompts to help you move around, interact, and stand/sit in ways that are flattering. After the nervous jitters wear off, you'll be completely into it.

The forecast says RAIN!

We live in the PNW so it happens. I watch the weather A LOT and I always have backup dates available for rainy and really dark, ugly weather. I don't shoot in the rain (unless you specifically request it). Weather reschedules get first priority on the next available dates.

When can I expect to receive my gallery of images?

My turn around time to have your edited gallery delivered is approximately 3 weeks after your session date via online gallery with a private link and password. You'll be able to download from there. If you need something prior to your gallery release, please just ask as I am always willing to work with you on special dates!

What if the kids aren't behaving?

I am totally okay with kids being kids--they aren't supposed to be expected to sit still and smile. I am very patient and I do have a way of getting kids to relax and be themselves, and usually all they need is to get out and roam a little. Some of my favorite photos of children are when they aren’t ‘smiling’ at the camera. I encourage lots of rest prior to our session, and for parents to talk positively about me beforehand and reassure the kids that we’re all going to have a great time.

Do you provide a print release?

Yes! All of my images are delivered in high resolution with a personal print release for you to print for personal use at your favorite consumer lab. I will also provide a few lab recommendations should you choose to print on your own and not through me.

What prints and products do you offer?

I offer a full range of professional prints and products to include photo books, albums, canvas, and framed prints. All of my products are printed on heirloom quality papers and canvas to last for generations. You will receive more information on products and pricing at your gallery release.

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