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Wardrobe Styling

Create a cohesive wardrobe for your entire family, effortlessly

I cannot stress enough how much wardrobe plays a part in the look and feel of your session. You are investing your hard earned money, and of course your time, into these memories, and the last thing I want you to do is fall short at styling your family.

Styling for your session DOES NOT require you to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe for your family--often times you'll already own most of what you need. But I will ask you to spend some time considering what you have, what you want, and the type of style you are envisioning for your family photos. Together we can decide which pieces would work best to compliment each other. Because I believe so much that the way that dressing beautifully can boost your confidence and put you at ease (and in turn shows in your photos), I will spend as much time as needed to help you polish your session look. 

You guys, I want you to look and feel beautiful and I want you to love your photos! Does that mean if you show up in jeans and t-shirts that you won't have the same experience or that you won't love your images? Of course not! However, because I know how much of an investment this is to you, I want your experience and take away to be, simply put, amazing. Putting together a wardrobe full of complimenting (not matching!) colors, creating interest with different textures and layers, and finishing with a few key accessories can elevate your look and make all the difference in the finished product--and your satisfaction. 

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Personal online wardrobe assitant

Each of my clients receives a special invitation to an amazing online styling website that has an incredible selection of wardrobe ideas for styling your whole family. Just fill out a few simple questions about your basic style and desired color choices, and you’ll have a huge selection of outfits and inspiration to browse through.

You can pull ideas for items that you already own, or select links straight to the stores to purchase new items, including accessories. Once you have made your selections, they’ll be emailed to me, too, so I can see your choices and customize your session and location based on your wardrobe selections.

The keyword to all of this is that it is EASY and takes the burden off of you running around and stressing at the last minute to pull it all together.

Click the link below to take a peek!


Additional assistance for a polished look

I promise not to just throw a website link at you and let you figure it all out on your own. You may find all you need and be done–or you may still need some additional help. Each of my clients receives complete guide full of tips and ideas on how to dress, what to avoid, and how to compliment different colors, textures, and patterns. I also encourage you to text me photos while you’re out shopping or comparing outfits so that I can give advice.

If you are a visual person like I am and need to see how they all come together, I can help to create a mood board for you to show what your choices will look like all put together and help you find exactly what you need to complete the look. View a few sample mood boards below.

Also, don’t forget that Pinterest is your inspiration friend! Create a board or two of items that you love or looks that inpire you so that you can refer back to it when shopping. Share it with me so that I can help you put it together.

Click the link below for some of my Pinterest wardrobe inspirations.

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